On 09 Feb, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Doug Hellmann wrote:
> > What makes reno a good fit for this task? It seems like updating a
> > regular documentation page in the source tree would work just as well,
> > since presumably these technical debt descriptions don't need to be
> > backported to stable branches.
> Yeah it feels like reno would add complexity for little benefit in that
> process... Better track debt in a TODO document, or a proper task tracker ?

The regular document was my first thought too, but then if we want to
create a report on the active TDs, or automate a little the design note
creation, mangle and analyze them a little, we will need to build proper
tooling from scratch. Also most of this work would probably deprecate the
known issue field in the release note.

Any new tool that would need to be created, I still imagine it to be
pretty similar to reno, at least regarding the process of adding
something new: One file per note, together with the code, created from a
template, able to be modified over time, and a command to create a

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