Hi Nova team,

Cyborg will have ptg sessions on Mon and Tue from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, and we
would love to invite any of you guys who is interested in nova-cyborg
interaction to join the discussion. The discussion will mainly focus on:

(1) Cyborg team recap on the resource provider features that are
implemented in Queens.
(2) Joint discussion on what will be the impact on Nova side and future
collaboration areas.

The session is planned for 40 mins long.

If you are interested plz feedback which date best suit for your
arrangement so that we could arrange the topic accordingly :)

Thank you very much.

Zhipeng (Howard) Huang

Standard Engineer
IT Standard & Patent/IT Product Line
Huawei Technologies Co,. Ltd
Email: huangzhip...@huawei.com
Office: Huawei Industrial Base, Longgang, Shenzhen

Research Assistant
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Lab, Calit2
University of California, Irvine
Email: zhipe...@uci.edu
Office: Calit2 Building Room 2402

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