Greetings fellow Ironic humanoids!

We have had a planning etherpad [1] up for a couple weeks collecting ideas.

If you plan on attending the Ironic sessions at the PTG, please post
any additional ideas as well as feedback for the other ideas. We also
need an idea of interest for the purposes of prioritization, so a +1
on items you feel is important will help us create an agenda.

If you will not be attending the PTG and have an item that requires
discussion, please feel free to add items and provide feedback. If
there is a particular item that you feel needs the attention of the
Ironic team, make sure that you provide additional context as to why
an item is important, and any references that may help context.

I will rank the items by priority, and generate a reasonable agenda
from the ideas this coming Friday the 16th. Items added after 5 PM UTC
on the Friday the 16th may not make the agenda.




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