Hi everyone,

The TC members selected the topics for the post-lunch presentations at
the PTG. The idea is to finish the lunch break with some light infusion
of knowledge.

Those will happen starting at 1pm in the lunch room. Discussions restart
at 1:30pm so we recommend targeting a 20-min talk + 10-min Q&A (or
25/5). Here are the topics :

Monday: Welcome to the PTG / housekeeping / set tone / situational
awareness / release goals (coordinator: ttx)

Tuesday: Infra/QA update, including Zuulv3 (andreaf, corvus)

Wednesday: OpenStackSDK (mordred)

Thursday: Release process (smcginnis, dhellmann)

Friday: Lightning talks (contact thingee to book a slot)

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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