Hi Infra Team,

I have 1 quick question on zuulv3 jobs and their migration part. From
zuulv3 doc [1], it is clear about migrating the job definition and use
those among cross repo pipeline etc.

But I did not find clear recommendation that whether project's
pipeline definition should stay in project-config or we should move
that to project side.

'template' part(which has system level jobs) can stay in
project-config. For example below part-


Other pipeline definition- 'check', 'gate', 'experimental' etc should
be move to project repo, mainly this list-

If we move those past as mentioned above then, we can have a
consolidated place to control the project pipeline for
'irrelevant-files', specific branch etc

..1 https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/zuulv3.html


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