Howdy Stackers,

I’ve set up the review priorities etherpad [1] for us to use during the Rocky 
cycle. It’s the same format we had back in Pike with the exception of a couple 
of new sections I’ve added: "Non-priority approved blueprints” and "Co-authors 
wanted”. The idea of the etherpad is to organize a subset of proposed patches 
to focus review and make it easy to find “what can I review today?” The 
etherpad is organized by subteam/topic, so reviewers can easily find the latest 
and greatest patches for each area. As a subteam/topic member, please add links 
to your patches accordingly.

The "Non-priority approved blueprints” is a new section I’d like to try out to 
create some visibility for non-priority work that is ready for review. I’m 
thinking if we have a section for it, it will be easier to keep reviews for 
those blueprints in our rotation. If the section gets too large, we can create 
a new etherpad for that and link to it in the section.

The other new section is called "Co-authors wanted”. Here I’d like to provide a 
place where authors can link patches they’d like to collaborate on with one or 
more other co-authors. The common scenario I think about is: an author has 
researched a bug and is able to propose a patch, but doesn’t have the time or 
the knowhow to provide test coverage in the patch. They could add the patch to 
the “Co-authors wanted” section and if another author is interested, they could 
join the patch, add the test coverage, and add themselves as co-author. By 
doing this, I hope to make it easier for co-authors to work on patches together.

Let me know if you have any questions about the etherpad.


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