Hi all,

At the start of the cycle is good time to have a look of the Glance
reviewers and based on the discussions amongs the group during and
before the PTG I'd like to propose following changes:

1) Adding Sean McGinnis to Glance core. The current active core team
has been very positive about including Sean and he feels like he is
comfortable to take the +2 responsibility on. It might take some more
time for him to get fully familiar with Glance code base so we will
leave him room to approve changes to the parts of Glance he feels to
be ready and grow his expertise across.

2) Removing Flavio Percoco from Glance core. Flavio requested to be
removed already couple of cycles ago and we did beg him to stick
around to help with the Interoperable Image Import which of he has
been integral part of designing since the very beginning and due to
his knowledge of the internals of the Glance tasks. The majority of
this work is finished and we would like to thank Flavio for his help
and hard work for Glance community.

3) removing Mike Fedosin from glance core. Mike joined back to glance
ocre when we did desperately need help reviewing changes and we are
definitely grateful for his efforts to help us out when needed. By the
looks of it, Mike has moved on to different responsibilities.

As usual, if the circumstances changes and Flavio or Mike will find
time and interest to serve our community again, we would be more than
happy to fast-track them back to the core team.

I'd like to take the opportunity to give big thanks for all of them
for their help and contributions to Glance and I do hope seeing them
all around for the cycles to come.

I'll leave until next week before doing these changes in case I have
missed something that has changed in the situation recently.

Erno jokke_ Kuvaja

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