Hey Mistralites (maybe?),

I have been through the etherpad from the PTG and attempted to expand on
the topics with details that I remember. If I have missed anything or you
have any questions, please get in touch. I want to update it while the
memory is as fresh as possible.

For each main topic I have added a "champion" and a "goal". These are not
all complete yet and can be adjusted. I did add names next to champion for
people that discussed that topic at the PTG. The goal should summarise what
we need to do.

Note: "Champion" does not mean you need to do all the work - just you are
leading that effort and helping rally people around the issue. Essentially
it is a collaboration role, but you can still lead the implementation if
that makes sense. For example, I put myself as the Documentation champion.
I do not plan on writing all the documentation, rather I want to setup
better foundations and a better process for writing documentation. This
will likely be a team effort I need to coordinate.


Thanks everyone for coming, I think it was a useful week. It was
unfortunate that the "Beast from the East" (the weather, not Renat!)
stopped things a bit early on Thursday. I hope all your homeward travels
worked out in the end.

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