As discussed in TripleO and Horizon meetings, we are proposing to move Tuskar UI under the Horizon umbrella. Since we are building our UI solution on top of Horizon, we think this is a good fit. It will allow us to get feedback and reviews from the appropriate group of developers.

Tuskar UI is a user interface for the design, deployment, monitoring, and management of OpenStack. The code is built on the Horizon framework and facilitates the TripleO approach to deployment. We work closely with the TripleO team and will continue to do so. The Tuskar UI itself is implemented as a new tab, headed "Infrastructure", which is added as a dashboard to OpenStack Horizon. For more information about the TripleO project, check out the project wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TripleO.

The following is a proposal on how the Tuskar UI project could be integrated: - Create a new codebase for the Tuskar-UI under the horizon umbrella, with its own core team - As an exception to the usual contribution process, commits to Tuskar-UI codebase. may be pushed, +2 and approved by one company. This is intended to make the development process faster. We are currently developing the Tuskar-UI at a fast pace and there are not yet many contributors who aren't employed by Red Hat that are familiar with the code. As the code stabilises, and attracts users and developers, this exception can be removed. - The Tuskar-UI cores would be cores of Tuskar-UI codebase only. Horizon cores would be cores of the whole Horizon program.

What does it mean for Horizon?
- There will be more developers, reviewers and patches coming to Horizon (as a program). - Horizon contributors will have time to get familiar with the Tuskar-UI code, before we decide to merge it into the Horizon codebase.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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