Excerpts from Sylvain Bauza's message of 2013-12-12 23:43:40 -0800:
> Why the notifications couldn't be handled by Marconi ?
> That would be up to Marconi's team to handle security issues while it is
> part of their mission statement to deliver a messaging service in between
> VMs.

Fantastic point. :) Though we don't want communication between VMs,
we want communication between VMs and the cloud provider. Still it does
feel like Marconi would facilitate this.

I'm not up to speed on Marconi though, is it all HTTP for the
communication? If so how is the overhead of polling addressed?

We could always teach Salt to speak over Marconi as easily as we could
teach Salt to speak oslo.messaging. That would also make Salt more useful
in any OpenStack cloud that had Marconi. :)

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