Hi all,

Queens is released, we had good and productive PTG so lets get the
ball rolling and start working through our Rocky priorities.

This week I'd like the focus to be, as discussed in our weekly meeting
at Thu, on python-glanceclient for 'web-download' import method and
any specs that still would needs review on the PTG topic list [0]. You
can review the topic etherpads for your convenience. Lets get those
nailed down so the people committed to those features can start
working on the implementation.

Another announcement for Glance (Core) reviewers so that you are
aware. We've had unenforced (to keep other changes to spec repo being
not depending on one person) policy in Glance that only PTL +W's any
specs so we can ensure that all our cores and invested parties are
aware and on board. This is clearly something that was forgotten and
we failed to communicate to our new cores so we did change the repo
acl accordingly [1]

[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-rocky-ptg

I wish you all great and productive week!

Erno jokke Kuvaja

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