Hi all,

Due to my unexpected absence from Dublin we have decided that a
virtual PTG is a good idea. Let's try to find 90-120 minutes somewhere
in our busy schedules to convene remotely.


Please use the poll linked above to choose some times which work for
you. I've already started it with times that potentially work for me,
but I can become even more flexible if needed.

(Be warned that the poll site is a bit glitchy... make sure that you
are seeing the right times. Whatever time zone you are viewing it in
should show the first slot on Monday as equivalent to 1300 UTC. Also
be warned that depending on what time zone you are viewing in, the
date may "roll over" mid-column.)

All interested parties are welcome.

We will decide the exact medium of communication based on what media
the confirmed participants are able to use. In any case the outcomes
will be logged to the mailing list.


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