we recently changed our set of scripts to uniform the users workflow
with the CI workflow.
One of the results of this change was the reproducer script, that is now
the official way to spawn a live environment to debug a set of changes.
One of the negative results of this changes was the deprecation of
devmode. How to spawn a live environment with no set of changes as a
base ?
We are trying to fill this gap with this proposal


The well-known quickstart.sh script called with the proper set of
arguments will use the reproducer script, but with a set of option that
will not actually use any upstream change to test.

For example, the command

quickstart.sh --generate-reproducer --jobtype 
ovb-1ctlr_1comp_1ceph-featureset024 --credentials-file myrdocreds.sh

Will spawn a live environment with the exact set of features described
in the job periodic-tripleo-ci-ovb-1ctlr_1comp_1ceph-featureset024

Other combinations that don't follow upstream jobs configurations are
possible by modifying environment variables, but are not our primary
focus at the moment.

We are trying to gather as much feedback as possible to make this
proposal a worthy successor of the devmode script, so please point out
what of the old functionality you think is missing, and what new would
you really like to see in it.


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