Hi All,

During Dublin PTG, QA team discussed on Office hours vs meetings and to
have a consistent time for meeting or office hours [1]. Due to low
attendance in current meetings, we decided to cancel all meetings and
starting the office hours on same time every Thursday in both TZ (09:00 UTC
and 17:00 UTC).  We have tried Office hours bi-weekly in Queens cycle and
it was much productively than meetings.

Below are the changes for QA meetings and office hours:

- Thursday 08:00 UTC bi-weekly meeting on #openstack-meeting - NOW CANCELED

- Thursday 17:00 UTC bi-weekly meeting on #openstack-meeting - NOW CANCELED

- Every Thursday 09:00 UTC Office Hours on #openstack-qa
- Every Thursday 17:00 UTC Office hours on #openstack-qa

Agenda for Office hours are defined on wiki page[2] and new topic can be
added in Open Discussion section. I updated the QA meeting wiki page [2]
and irc channel info [3] to reflect the changes.

..1 https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-rocky-ptg-rocky-priority
..3 http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#QA_Team_Office_hours

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