After the installation (apt-get install gnocchi-api gnocchi- gnocchiclient),
When I tried to launch the gnocc-api, I got the message.
   Failed to start gnocchi-api. Service: Unit gnocchi-api. Service not found.
I checked /etc/init.d and there is no script gnocchi-api (although 
gnocchi-metricd is, and it's working properly).

Why is that? Please help me to solve it. Thank you.

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From:  "Julien Danjou"<>;
Date:  Tue, Mar 13, 2018 05:55 PM
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On Tue, Mar 13 2018, __ mango. wrote:

> hi,
>     I refer to: 
> installation gnocchi, 
> unable to find gnocchi - API related services is this why?
>     Please help answer my question, thank you!

Can you provide more details as what's your problem? thank you!

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