On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 07:16:11AM +0900, Akihiro Motoki wrote:
> The current version of proposed patches which drops tox_install.sh
> works in our CI. Even if we have neutron>=12.0.0 (queens) or
> horizon>=13.0.0 (queens), if we have "required-projects" in zuul v3
> config, tox-sibling role ensures to install the latest master of
> neutron/horizon. It is okay in our CI.
> On the other hand, this change brings a couple of problems. I think it
> is worth discussed broadly here.
> (1) it makes difficult to run tests in local environment
> We have only released version of neutron/horizon on PyPI. It means
> PyPI version (i.e. queens) is installed when we run tox in our local
> development. Most neutron stadium projects and horizon plugins depends
> on the latest master. Test run in local environment will be broken. We
> need to install the latest neutron/horizon manually. This confuses
> most developers. We need to ensure that tox can run successfully in a
> same manner in our CI and local environments.

This is an issue I agree and one we need to think about but it will be
somewhat mitigated for local development by pbr siblings[1]

In the short term, developers can do something like:

for env in pep8,py35,py27 ; do
   tox -e $env --notest
   .tox/$env/bin/pip install -e /path/to/{horizon,neutron}
   tox -e $env

Which is far from ideal but gives as a little breathing room to decide
if we need to revert and try again in a while or persist with the plan
as it stands.

pbr siblings wont fix all the issues we have and still makes consumption of
neutron and horizon (and plugins / stadium projects) difficult outside
of test.
> (2) neutron/horizon version in requirements.txt is confusing
> In the cycle-with-milestone model, a new version of neutron/horizon
> will be released only when a release is shipped.
> The code depends on the latest master, but requirements.txt says it
> depends on queens or later. It sounds confusing.

Yes we either need to create a new release-model or switch
neutron/horizon to the cycle-with-intermediary model and encourage
appropriate releases.  I'd really like to avoid publishing daily to pypi.

Yours Tony.


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