Recently a Heater proposal was announced in openstack-dev mailing list.
This discussion lead to a decision to add unified metadata service \
catalog capabilities into Glance.

On the Glance weekly meeting this initiative was discussed and Glance team
agreed to take a look onto BPs and API documents for metadata
repository\catalog, in order to understand what can be done during Icehouse
release and how to organize this work in general.

There will be a separate meeting devoted to this initiative on Tuesday
12/17 in #openstack-glance channel. Exact time is not defined yet and I
need time preferences from all parties. Here is a link to a doodle poll
http://doodle.com/9f2vxrftizda9pun . Please select time slot which will be
suitable for you.

The agenda for this meeting is the following:
1. Define project goals in general
2. Discuss API for this service and find out what can be implemented during
IceHouse release.
3. Define organizational stuff like how this initiative should be developed
(branch of Glance or separate project within Glance program)

Here is an etherpad
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MetadataRepository-APIfor initial API
version for this service.

All project which are interested in metadata repository are welcome to
discuss API and service itself.

Currently there are several possible use cases for this service:
1. Heat template catalog
2. HOT Software orchestration scripts\recipes storage
3. Murano Application Catalog object storage
4. Solum assets storage

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