Hey folks,

As many core reviewers in Kolla core teams may already know, I am focused on 
OpenStack board of director work and adjacent community work.  This involves 
bridging the OpenStack ecosystem and its various strategic focus areas with 
adjacent community projects that make sense.  My work in this area has led to 
my technical involvement in a Layer 7 networking project (https://istio.io) – 
specifically around the multicloud use case and connecting OpenStack 
public/private clouds with other cloud providers.  As a result, I don’t have 
time to commit to properly furthering the development of kolla-kubernetes nor 
providing reviews for this specific Kolla project deliverable.

I do plan to stay involved in Kolla as a reviewer in the other Kolla core teams 
and I am deeply committed to furthering OpenStack’s strategic focus areas in my 
board of director’s service.

If you are curious about these SFAs, you might consider reading:


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