On Mar 21, 2018, at 11:35 AM, 少合冯 <lvmxhs...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> By default, hosts are weighed one by one. You can subclass the BaseWeigher 
>> (in nova/weights.py) to weigh all objects at once.
> Does that means it require call cyborg accelerator one by one?  the pseudo 
> code as follow:
> for host in hosts:
>        accelerator = cyborg.http_get_ accelerator(host)
>        do_weight_by_accelerator
> Instead of call cyborg accelerators once,  the pseudo code as follow :
> accelerators = cyborg.http_get_ accelerator(hosts)
> for acc in accelerators:
>        do_weight_by_accelerator

What it means is that if you override the weigh_objects() method of the 
BaseWeigher class, you can make a single call to Cyborg with a list of all the 
hosts. That call could then create a list of weights for all the hosts and 
return that. So if you have 100 hosts, you don’t need to make 100 calls to 
Cyborg; only 1.

-- Ed Leafe

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