Hello there,

I have some questions about the value of parameter `dest` of copy module in
this file.

Line:6        dest: xstatic_check_version.py

Ansible documents describe `dest` as  "Remote absolute path where the file
should be copied to".

I am not quite familiar with ansible but maybe it could be `{{
}}/openstack-zuul-jobs/playbooks/xstatic/check-version.yaml` or something
similar ?

Actually I ran into the problem trying to release a new xstatic package.
The release patch was merged but fail to execute the release job. Just
wondering whether or not it could be the reason of the failure.

I am not sure about how to debug this, or how to re-launch the release job.
I am very appreciate of it if anybody could kindly help me.

Best Regards,

Xinni Ge
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