The whole idea about xstatic files is that they are generic, not specific
to Horizon or OpenStack, usable by other projects that need those static
files. In fact, at the time we started using xstatic, it was being used by
the MoinMoin wiki project (which is now dead, sadly). The modifications you
made are very specific to your usecase and would make it impossible to
reuse the packages by other applications (or even by other Horizon
plugins). The whole idea of a library is that you are using it as it is
provided, and not modifying it.

We generally try to use all the libraries as they are, and if there are any
modifications necessary, we push them upstream, to the original library.
Otherwise there would be quite a bit of maintenance overhead necessary to
keep all our downstream patches. When considerable modification is
necessary that can't be pushed upstream, we fork the library either into
its own repository, or include it in the repository of the application that
is using it.

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 2:54 AM, Xinni Ge <> wrote:

> Hello, team.
> Sorry for talking about xstatic repo for so many times.
> I didn't realize xstatic repositories should be provided with exactly the
> same file as upstream, and should have talked about it at very first.
> I modified several upstream files because some of them files couldn't be
> used directly under my expectation.
> For example,  {{ }} are used in some original files as template tags, but
> Horizon adopts {$ $} in angular module, so I modified them to be recognized
> properly.
> Another major modification is that css files are converted into scss files
> to solve some css import issue previously.
> Besides, after collecting statics, some png file paths in css cannot be
> referenced properly and shown as 404 errors, I also modified css itself to
> handle this issues.
> I will recheck all the un-matched xstatic repositories and try to replace
> with upstream  files as much as I can.
> But I if I really have to modify some original files, is it acceptable to
> still use it as embedded files with license info appeared at the top?
> Best Regards,
> Xinni Ge
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