Hey all,

I have moved the office hour today from 16:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC. If there is
demand we could make it a 2 hour slot or move it back. I wasn't able to
make it for 16:00 UTC today and it will often be tricky for me.

I think one of the biggest advantages to doing office hours is that we can
be more flexible. So if there isn't a slot that suits you, please propose

On Friday we had a good triage session, reducing the untriaged bugs by
about 25. I hope to do something similar today unless somebody comes along
with specific topics they want to discuss.

The hours now are:

   - Mon 15.00 UTC

   - Wed 3.00 UTC

   - Fri 8.00 UTC

The Office hour etherpad is:

(Side note: As far as I know there hasn't been any activity on the
Wednesday slot, so we may want to move that. It is at 2am for me, so I wont
ever make it personally.)


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