On 4/12/2018 7:42 AM, Eric Fried wrote:
This sounds reasonable to me.  I'm glad the issue was raised, but IMO it
shouldn't derail progress on an approved blueprint with ready code.

Jichen, would you please go ahead and file that blueprint template (no
need to write a spec yet) and link it in a review comment on the bottom
zvm patch so we have a paper trail?  I'm thinking something like
"Consistent platform-specific and optional requirements" -- that leaves
us open to decide*how*  we're going to "handle" them.

FWIW I'm also OK with deferring debate on this and not blocking the zvm stuff for this specific issue, because we can really go down a rabbit hole if we want to be pedantic on this, for example, os-brick is only used by a couple of virt drivers, taskflow is only used by powervm, castellan is optional since we don't require a real key manager, etc.




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