This is the weekly summary of Technical Committee initiatives. You can
find the full list of currently-considered changes at:

We also track TC objectives for the cycle using StoryBoard at:

== Recently-approved changes ==

* Official projects should not keep tagging rights [1]
* Add vulnerability:managed tag to keystonemiddleware

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/557737/

We just entered election season, which is usually a calmer period when
it comes to changes. The main change this week is a change to new
project requirements setting an early expectation that official projects
will have to drop direct tagging (or branching) rights in their Gerrit
ACLs once they are made official, as those actions will be handled by
the Release Management team through the openstack/releases repository:


== Election season ==

We are renewing 7 seats from the Technical Committee's 13 seats.
Nomination period runs until EOD, Tuesday April 17th. We only have 5
candidates so far, so if you're interested in tackling OpenStack
governance issues and helping stewarding our community, please consider
running ! You can find details on the process at:


== Voting in progress ==

Having only 3 weeks between TC election and summit makes it difficult to
plan travel and content for that Summit for new members. A TC charter
change was proposed to move the date to 6 weeks before Summit instead.
As all charter changes this one will require at least 9 TC members to
approve it, and it is still short of a couple of votes. Please see:


We have a proposal up to update the OpenStack Project Testing Interface
(PTI) info around docs job to match the current state of the art. It is
still short of a couple of votes, but shall be approved soon. Please see:


== Under discussion ==

The discussion on the review proposing the split of the kolla-kubernetes
deliverable out of the Kolla team has slowed down this week. Current
consensus seems to be that we should proceed with the proposed change,
if that is the will of the Kolla PTL. The resulting Kolla-K8s (or
Koltes) team might want to decide on their PTL first, though. We also
still need to have a larger discussion around Kolla team governance:
would it be better to go all the way into splitting Kolla from its
deployment mechanisms, and therefore also split Kolla and Kolla-Ansible?
If you have an opinion on that, please chime in on the review or the ML


The discussion around the proposed Adjutant project team addition also
slowed down as we entered election season. At this point the discussion
is expected to restart after the election, and culminate in a Forum
session in Vancouver where we hope teh various involved patries will be
able to discuss more directly. You can jump in the discussion here:


== TC member actions/focus/discussions for the coming week(s) ==

Election season, with encouragements to new leaders to step up and run
for election, followed by a short campaigning period, should be the
focus of next week.

We'll also start preparing the joint Board+TC+UC+Staff meeting by asking
the broader community what topics should be on the agenda.

== Office hours ==

To be more inclusive of all timezones and more mindful of people for
which English is not the primary language, the Technical Committee
dropped its dependency on weekly meetings. So that you can still get
hold of TC members on IRC, we instituted a series of office hours on

* 09:00 UTC on Tuesdays
* 01:00 UTC on Wednesdays
* 15:00 UTC on Thursdays

Feel free to add your own office hour conversation starter at:


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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