The TripleO squads for CI and Tempest have just completed Sprint 11.  The
following is a summary of activities during this sprint.  The newly formed
Tempest Squad has completed its first sprint.  Details on the team
structure can be found in the spec [1].

Sprint 11 Epic (CI Squad): Upgrades
Epic Card:

This is the second sprint that the team focused on CI for upgrades.  We
expect additional sprints will be needed focused on upgrades, and have a
number of backlog tasks remaining as well [2]

We did the following:
* Prune and remove old / irrelevant jobs from CI
* Assess the current state of existing jobs to determine status and issues.
* Ensure the reproducer script enabling the correct branches of
* Implement “Keystone Only” CI job.  This is a minimal deployment with the
smallest set of services (keystone + deps) in play.
   * tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario000-multinode-oooq-container-updates
* Consolidate  docker namespaces between,

Sprint 11 Epic (Tempest Squad): Containerize Tempest
Epic Card:

As noted above, this is the first sprint for the newly formed Tempest
Squad.  The work was a combination of the sprint epic and team members’
pre-existing work that is nearing completion.

We did the following:
* Fix tempest plugins upgrade issue (RHOS 10>11>12>13)
* Switch to stestr to run tempest beginning with queens
* Move neutron CLI calls to openstack CLI
* Containerize tempest on featureset027 (UC idempotency)

We made progress on the following, but work remains and continues in Sprint
* Refactor validate-tempest CI role for UC and containers (reviews in
* Updates to ansible-role-openstack-certification playbook & CI jobs that
use it.
* Upstream documentation covering above work

We have added a new trello board [2] to archive completed sprint cards.
Previously we were archiving (trello operation) the cards, making it
difficult to analyze/search the past.

Ruck and Rover

Each sprint two of the team members assume the roles of Ruck and Rover
(each for half of the sprint).
* Ruck is responsible to monitoring the CI, checking for failures, opening
bugs, participate on meetings, and this is your focal point to any CI
* Rover is responsible to work on these bugs, fix problems and the rest of
the team are focused on the sprint. For more information about our
structure, check [1]

Ruck & Rover (Sprint 11), Etherpad [4]:
* Arx Cruz (arxcruz)
* Rafael Folco (rfolco)

Two issues in particular where substantial time was spent were: (SSH timeouts) (AMQP issues)

The full list of bugs open or worked on were:

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please contact us in #tripleo




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