> I still don't see a use in returning the root providers in the
> allocation requests -- since there is nothing consuming resources from
> those providers.
> And we already return the root_provider_uuid for all providers involved
> in allocation requests within the provider_summaries section.
> So, I can kind of see where we might want to change *this* line of the
> nova scheduler:
> https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/stable/pike/nova/scheduler/filter_scheduler.py#L349
> from this:
>  compute_uuids = list(provider_summaries.keys())
> to this:
>  compute_uuids = set([
>      ps['root_provider_uuid'] for ps in provider_summaries
>  ])

If we're granting that it's possible to get all your resources from
sharing providers, the above doesn't help you to know which of your
compute_uuids belongs to which of those sharing-only allocation requests.

I'm fine deferring this part until we have a use case for sharing-only
allocation requests that aren't prompted by an "attach-*" case where we
already know the target host/consumer.  But I'd like to point out that
there's nothing in the API that prevents us from getting such results.


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