Excerpts from Mark Kirkwood's message of 2018-04-19 16:47:58 +1200:
> Swift has had storage policies for a while now. These are enabled by 
> setting the 'X-Storage-Policy' header on a container.
> It looks to me like this is not possible using openstack-client (even in 
> master branch) - while there is a 'set' operation for containers this 
> will *only* set  'Meta-*' type headers.
> It seems to me that adding this would be highly desirable. Is it in the 
> pipeline? If not I might see how much interest there is at my end for 
> adding such - as (famous last words) it looks pretty straightforward to do.
> regards
> Mark

I can't imagine why we wouldn't want to implement that and I'm not
aware of anyone working on it. If you're interested and have time,
please do work on the patch(es).


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