Matt Riedemann <> wrote on 04/19/2018 06:11:58 PM:
> How loose are we with saying things like, "you should run this as root"
> in the docs?
> I was triaging this nova bug [1] which is saying that the docs should
> tell you to run nova-status (which implies also nova-manage) as root,
> but isn't running admin-level CLIs implied that you need root, or
> something with access to those commands (sudo)?
> I'm not sure how prescriptive we should be with stuff like this in the
> docs because if we did start saying this, I feel like we'd have to say
> it everywhere.
> [1]

Maybe instead of treating this as a docs bug, we should fix the command to
return a nicer error when run as non-root. Presumably the caller has root
access, but forgot they were logged in as something else or forgot sudo.
Dumping that stack trace on them is more likely to confuse than anything.
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