Excerpts from Doug Hellmann's message of 2018-04-23 09:27:09 -0400:
> [This is meant to be one of (I hope) several conversation-provoking
> questions directed at prospective TC members to help the community
> understand their positions before considering how to vote in the
> ongoing election.]
> We frequently have discussions about whether the TC is active enough,
> in terms of driving new policies, technology choices, and other
> issues that affect the entire community.
> Please describe one case where we were either active or reactive
> and how that was shown to be the right choice over time.
> Please describe another case where the choice to be active or
> reactive ended up being the wrong choice.
> If you think the TC should tend to be more active in driving change
> than it is today, please describe the changes (policy, culture,
> etc.) you think would need to be made to do that effectively (not
> which policies you want us to be more active on, but *how* to
> organize the TC to be more active and have that work within the
> community culture).
> If you think the TC should tend to be less active in driving change
> overall, please describe what policies you think the TC should be
> taking an active role in implementing.
> Doug

There was a question from ttx on IRC [1] about my use of the terms
"active" and "reactive" here. I mean active as "going out there and
doing things and anticipating issues" and reactive as "dealing with
things as they come up and aren't resolved in another way".



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