Hi all,

I'd like to restart conversation on enabling node automated cleaning by default for the undercloud. This process wipes partitioning tables (optionally, all the data) from overcloud nodes each time they move to "available" state (i.e. on initial enrolling and after each tear down).

We have had it disabled for a few reasons:
- it was not possible to skip time-consuming wiping if data from disks
- the way our workflows used to work required going between manageable and available steps several times

However, having cleaning disabled has several issues:
- a configdrive left from a previous deployment may confuse cloud-init
- a bootable partition left from a previous deployment may take precedence in some BIOS - an UEFI boot partition left from a previous deployment is likely to confuse UEFI firmware - apparently ceph does not work correctly without cleaning (I'll defer to the storage team to comment)

For these reasons we don't recommend having cleaning disabled, and I propose to re-enable it.

It has the following drawbacks:
- The default workflow will require another node boot, thus becoming several minutes longer (incl. the CI)
- It will no longer be possible to easily restore a deleted overcloud node.

What do you think? If I don't hear principal objections, I'll prepare a patch in the coming days.


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