> >>
> >>[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/564232/
> >>
> >
> >The only concern I have is that it may slow the transition to the
> >python 3 version of the jobs, since someone would have to actually
> >fix the warnings before they could add the new job. I'm not sure I
> >want to couple the tasks of fixing doc build warnings with also
> >making those docs build under python 3 (which is usually quite
> >simple).
> >
> >Is there some other way to enable this flag independently of the move to
> >the python3 job?
> The existing proposal is:
> https://review.openstack.org/559348
> TL;DR if you still have a build_sphinx section in setup.cfg then defaults
> will remain the same, but when removing it as part of the transition to the
> new PTI you'll have to eliminate any warnings. (Although AFAICT it doesn't
> hurt to leave that section in place as long as you need, and you can still
> do the rest of the PTI conversion.)
> The hold-up is that the job in question is also potentially used by other
> Zuul users outside of OpenStack - including those who aren't using pbr at
> all (i.e. there's no setup.cfg). So we need to warn those folks to prepare.
> cheers,
> Zane.

Ah, I had looked but did not find an existing proposal. Looks like that would
work too. I am good either way, but I will leave my approach out there just as
another option to consider. I'll abandon that if folks prefer this way.

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