Here in Oslo land a number of projects define a tox test for missing
dependencies. These tests are based on a tool - pip-check-reqs - that
no longer functions under the latest release of pip.  The project's
upstream github repo hasn't had any commit activity in a year and
appears to no longer be maintained.

See my previous email about this tool:

In lieu of a suitable replacement, I've started removing the broken
tox tests from the oslo project to prevent anyone else having that
"Hmm - why doesn't this test pass?" moment I hit last week.

I've created a epad that lists the projects that define tox tests
based on this tool:|check)_reqs

There are other non-Oslo projects - Nova, Cinder, etc - that may want
to also remove that test. See the epad for details.

I've started patches for a couple of projects, but if anyone is
willing to help out please use the epad so we don't step on each
other's toes.


Ken Giusti  (

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