Yo Nova Gurus :-),

We here at GoDaddy are getting hot and heavy into Cells V2 these days and would 
like to propose an enhancement or maybe see if something like this is already 
in the works.

To be able to “synchronize” cells from a specified file (git controlled, or 
inventory generated).

We are thinking about adding a new method to nova-manage called “apply-cells” 
that would take a json/yaml file and “make-it-so”. This method would make the 
cells in the DB match exactly that of what the spec says matching on the cell’s 
name. Internally it calls its own create_cell, update_cell, and delete_cell 
commands to get it done.

We already have a POC in the works. Are you aware of any others who have made 
requests for something like this? Ref: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/568987/

Thanks a ton,

David Bingham (wwriverrat on IRC)
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