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> Graham Hayes wrote:
> > Any additional background on why we allowed LCOO to operate like this
> > would help a lot.
The group was started back when OPNFV was first getting involved with 
OpenStack.  Many of the members came from that community.  They had a "vision" 
that the members would have to commit to provide developers to address the 
feature gaps the group was concerned with.  There was some interaction between 
them and the Product WG, and I at least attempted to get them to meet and talk 
with the Large Deployment Team(?) (an ops group that met at the Ops midcycles 
and discussed their issues, workarounds, gaps, etc.)

Are they still active?  Is anyone aware of any docs/code/bugfixes/features that 
came out of the group?


> We can't prevent any group of organizations to work in any way they prefer -
> - we can, however, deny them the right to be called an OpenStack
> workgroup if they fail at openly collaborating. We can raise the topic, but in
> the end it is a User Committee decision though, since the LCOO is a User
> Committee-blessed working group.
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