Excerpts from Jeremy Stanley's message of 2018-05-29 22:57:45 +0000:
> On 2018-05-29 17:26:16 -0400 (-0400), Doug Hellmann wrote:
> [...]
> > There was some discussion of whether the office hours themselves
> > are useful, based on the apparent lack of participation. We had
> > theories that this was a combination of bad times (meaning that TC
> > members haven't always attended) and bad platforms (meaning that
> > some parts of the community we are trying to reach may emphasize
> > other tools over IRC for real time chat). We need to look into that.
> [...]
> We also had some consensus in the room on starting to use meetbot
> during office hours to highlight whatever we discussed in the
> resulting meeting minutes. I'm planning to do that at our 01:00z
> office hour (a couple hours from now) and see how it goes, though
> that timeslot in particular tends to have little or no discussion.

Thanks for remembering, and reminding me.

The minutes from the most recent office hours are at
for anyone interested in following them.


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