On 2018-06-01 14:58:02 +0100 (+0100), Stephen Finucane wrote:
>  * The recent move to zuul v3 has changed how documentation is built in
>    the gate. Previously, zuul called the 'docs' target in tox (e.g.
>    'tox -e docs'), which would run whatever the project team had
>    defined for that target.

Nope, it never did that. It previously called `tox -evenv -- python
setup.py build_sphinx` and those "docs" envs in tox were only ever
for developer convenience, not used at all in any standard CI jobs.

>    With zuul v3, zuul no longer calls this.
>    Instead, it call either 'python setup.py build_sphinx' orĀ 'sphinx-
>    build' (more on this below). This means everything you wish to do as
>    part of the documentation build must now be done via Sphinx
>    extensions.

You've got your cause and effect a bit backwards. The new docs jobs
(which weren't really related to the move to Zuul v3 but happened
around the same timeframe) were in service of the change to the PTI,
not the other way around. The commit message for the change[*] which
introduced the documentation section in the PTI has a fair bit to
say about reasons, but the gist of it is that we wanted to switch to
a workflow which 1. didn't assume you were a Python-oriented
project, and 2. was more in line with how most projects outside
OpenStack make use of Sphinx.

[*] https://review.openstack.org/508694
Jeremy Stanley

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