On 12.6.2018 15:06, James Slagle wrote:
On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 3:34 PM, Wesley Hayutin <whayu...@redhat.com> wrote:

I wanted to let everyone know that we have a keystone only deployment and
upgrade job in check non-voting.  I'm asking everyone in TripleO to be
mindful of this job and to help make sure it continues to pass as we move it
from non-voting check to check and eventually gating.

+1, nice work!

Upgrade jobs are particularly difficult to keep running successfully because
of the complex workflow itself, job run times and other factors.  Your help
to ensure we don't merge w/o a pass on this job will go a long way in
helping the tripleo upgrades team.

There is still work to be done here, however it's much easier to do it with
the check non-voting job in place.

The job doesn't appear to be passing at all on stable/queens. I see
this same failure on several patches:

Is this a known issue?

I think so, or to put it precisely, i only ever looked into making the job work for master (and beyond).

We could look into making it work on Queens too, but personally i think effort would be better spent elsewhere at this point. E.g. upd+upg jobs with more complete of services utilizing containerized undercloud (those would not validate OC workflow at all, but would give coverage for update_tasks/upgrade_tasks), user and dev docs around all lifecycle ops (upd, upg, ffwd), upgrade work in the area of TLS by default, upgrade handling for external_deploy_tasks (= "how do we upgrade Ceph in Rocky"), also perhaps trying to DRY repeated parts of upgrade templates, etc.

If someone wants to step up to iron out Queens issues with that job then we can do it, but my 2 cents would be just to disable the job on Queens and focus on the future.


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