Howdy everyone,

We've been experimenting with a new process this cycle, Review Runways [1] and we're about at the middle of the cycle now as we had the r-2 milestone last week June 7.

I wanted to start a thread and gather thoughts and feedback from the nova community about how they think runways have been working or not working and lend any suggestions to change or improve as we continue on in the rocky cycle.

We decided to try the runways process to increase the chances of core reviewers converging on the same changes and thus increasing reviews and merges on approved blueprint work. As of today, we have 69 blueprints approved and 28 blueprints completed, we just passed r-2 June 7 and r-3 is July 26 and rc1 is August 9 [2].

Do people feel like they've been receiving more review on their blueprints? Does it seem like we're completing more blueprints earlier? Is there feedback or suggestions for change that you can share?

Thanks all,


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