Excerpts from Doug Hellmann's message of 2018-06-07 14:28:02 -0400:
> As we discussed in today's office hours, I have set up some space in the
> wiki for us to track which TC members are volunteering to act as liaison
> to the teams and other groups within the community to ensure they have
> the assistance and support they need from the TC.
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Technical_Committee_Tracker#Liaisons
> For the first round, please sign up for groups you are interested in
> helping. We will work out some sort of assignment system for the rest so
> we have good coverage.
> The list is quite long, so I don't expect everyone to be checking in
> with the groups weekly. But we do need to get a handle on where things
> stand now, and work out a way to keep up to date over time. My hope is
> that by dividing the work up, we won't *all* have to be tracking all of
> the groups and we won't let anyone slip through the cracks.
> Doug

After giving everyone a week to volunteer as liaisons for project teams,
I have filled out the roster so that every team has 2 TC members
assigned. I used random.shuffle() and then went down the list and tried
to avoid assigning the same person twice while ensuring that everyone
had 10. Please check my results. :-)

We already have some reports from a few teams on the status page,

It would be good if we could complete a first pass for all teams between
now and the PTG and post the results to that wiki page.


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