Excerpts from Jean-Philippe Evrard's message of 2018-06-15 17:37:02 +0200:
> > Not sure it'd help but one option we do is to create aliases based on
> > the title.  Though since the PTLs don't have addresses on the openstack
> > domain an alias may not make as much sense, it'd have to be a full
> > account forward.  It's useful for centralized spam filtering.
> I foresee this:
> 1) We create an alias <project> to PTL email
> 2) PTL think that kind of emails are worth sharing with a team to balance work
> 3) We now have a project mailing list
> 4) People stop using openstack-dev lists.
> But that's maybe me...

Yeah, setting all of that up feels like it would just be something
else we would have to remember to do every time we have an election.
I'm trying to reduce the number those kinds of tasks we have, so
let's not add a new one.


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