Dear all,

the Tempest / devstack multinode integration base job in it's Zuulv3 native
incarnation is finally working, and the patch [0] to making it voting on
Tempest is approved.

The name of the new job is "tempest-multinode-full". This effectively
replaces the legacy "neutron-tempest-multinode-full".
Since "neutron-tempest-multinode-full" is used as non-voting by all
projects that use the "integrated-gate" job template, I'd propose to:
- add "tempest-multinode-full" as non-voting to the integrated gate for
master, queens and pike
- fix any issue that may show up on queens/pike
- remove neutron-tempest-multinode-full legacy job

I would also like to make the multinode job voting, at least on devstack,
possibly on all integrated gate repos.

Please let me know if anyone as any concern with this plan.

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