Hey folks,

I'm trying to patch puppet-keystone to support multi-valued
configuration options (like trusted_dashboard).  I have a patch that
works, mostly, but I've run into a frustrating problem (frustrating
because it would seem to be orthogonal to my patches, which affect the
keystone_config provider and type).

During the initial deploy, running tripleo::profile::base::keystone
fails with:

  "Error: Could not set 'present' on ensure: undefined method `new'
  for nil:NilClass at
The line in question is:

  70: if $step == 3 and $manage_domain {
  71:   if hiera('heat_engine_enabled', false) {
  72:     # create these seperate and don't use ::heat::keystone::domain since
  73:     # that class writes out the configs
  74:     keystone_domain { $heat_admin_domain:
            ensure  => 'present',
            enabled => true

The thing is, despite the error...it creates the keystone domain
*anyway*, and a subsequent run of the module will complete without any

I'm not entirely sure that the error is telling me, since *none* of
the puppet types or providers have a "new" method as far as I can see.
Any pointers you can offer would be appreciated.


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