Greetings, OpenStack DBaaS community.

    I'd like to start discussion around a new feature in Trove. The feature
I would like to propose covers manipulating  database log files.

    Main idea. Give user an ability to retrieve database log file for any

    Goals to achieve. Suppose we have an application (binary application,
without source code) which requires a DB connection to perform data
manipulations and a user would like to perform development, debbuging of an
application, also logs would be useful for audit process. Trove itself
provides access only for CRUD operations inside of database, so the user
cannot access the instance directly and analyze its log files. Therefore,
Trove should be able to provide ways to allow a user to download the
database log for analysis.

    Log manipulations are designed to let user perform log investigations.
Since Trove is a PaaS - level project, its user cannot interact with the
compute instance directly, only with database through the provided API
(database operations).

I would like to propose the following API operations:


   Create DBLog entries.

   Delete DBLog entries.

   List DBLog entries.

Possible API, models, server, and guest configurations are described at
wiki page. [1]

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