Excerpts from Zane Bitter's message of 2018-06-20 12:07:49 -0400:
> On 20/06/18 11:40, Rico Lin wrote:
> > I send a release patch now https://review.openstack.org/#/c/576895/
> > Also, add Bob Haddleton to this ML who is considering as PTL for 
> > heat-translator team
> Is it time to consider moving the heat-translator and tosca-parser repos 
> from being deliverables of Heat to deliverables of Tacker? The current 
> weird structure dates from the days of the experiment with OpenStack 
> 'Programs' (vs. Projects).
> Heat cores don't really have time to be engaging with heat-translator, 
> and Tacker is clearly the major user and the thing that keeps getting 
> blocked on needing patches merged and releases made.

It sounds like it. I had no idea there was any reason to look to anyone
other than the Heat PTL or liaison for approval of that release. A WIP
on the patch would have been OK, too, but if the Tacker team is really
the one responsible we should update the repo governance.


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