On Thu, 2 Aug 2018, Stephen Finucane wrote:

Given that multiple projects are using this, we may want to think about
reaching out to the author and seeing if there's anything we can do to
at least keep this maintained going forward. I've talked to cdent about
this already but if anyone else has ideas, please let me know.

I've sent some exploratory email to Ian, the original author, to get
a sense of where things are and whether there's an option for us (or
if for some reason us wasn't okay, me) to adopt it. If email doesn't
land I'll try again with other media

I agree with the idea of trying to move away from using it, as
mentioned elsewhere in this thread and in IRC, but it's not a simple
step as at least in some projects we are using paste files as
configuration that people are allowed (and do) change. Moving away
from that is the hard part, not figuring out how to load WSGI
middleware in a modern way.

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