That's quite an old spec. :)

It has quite a bit of history, and the general nova core opinions were "No, 
we're probably not going to do that" in the beginning, to "We should probably 
add that, if people are asking for it" during the last OpenStack PTG. It even 
had 2x +2s and ~11 +1s at one point.

I'll repropose the blueprint again for Stein and rebase everything, if people 
want it. Implementation-wise, it's pretty much done, last time I was still 
doing some functional and unit tests for it. I had a tempest test for it too. I 
had some issues regarding notifications, but gibi helped me sort them out 

As far as functionality goes, I'm afraid that at the moment we're only going to 
add live-resize to a larger flavor (live-upsizing). There are a few concerns 
regarding live-downsizing, especially when it comes to the hypevisor support 
for something like this (not all of them supports this). Additionally, when it 
comes to live-downsizing the disk, AFAIK, there's also a data loss concern 
associated with it, if the disk was not freed and / or if the partition table 
wasn't shrunk beforehandm, etc. Additionally, some nova drivers don't support 
downsizing the disks at all, not even cold resize.

There are a lot of discussions and debates on the spec you've linked, and you 
can also read the arguments regarding the question you've asked too.

tl;dr version. During the last PTG, we've agreed to "approve" the blueprint 
with only live-upsizing the instance in-place as the first iteration of the 
feature, which any new additions to be discussed afterwards.

Best regards,

Claudiu Belu

From: Rambo [li...@unitedstack.com]
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2018 2:36 PM
To: OpenStack Developmen
Subject: [openstack-dev] [Openstack-operators][nova]about live-resize down the 


      I find it is important that live-resize the instance in production 
environment,especially live downsize the disk.And we have talked it many 
years.But I don't know why the bp[1] didn't approved.Can you tell me more about 
this ?Thank you very much.


Best Regards
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