On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 11:13:13AM -0500, Matthew Thode wrote:
> This is to warn and call out all those projects that do not have a
> stable/rocky branch yet.
> If you are in the folloing list your project will need to realize that
> your master is testing against the requirements/constraints from stein,
> not rocky.  Any branching / tests you do will need to keep that in mind.
> ansible-role-container-registry
> ansible-role-redhat-subscription
> ansible-role-tripleo-modify-image
> barbican-tempest-plugin
> blazar-tempest-plugin
> cinder-tempest-plugin

Point of clarification - *-tempest-plugin repos do not get branched. Releases
should be done to track the version for rocky, but stable branches are not

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