TC-members and everyone else,

In the discussion on a draft technical vision for OpenStack at

there is a question about whether the TC is "responsible for the
mission and scope of OpenStack".

As the discussion there indicates, there is plenty of nuance, but
underlying it is a pretty fundamental question that seems important
to answer as we're going into yet another TC election period.

I've always assumed it was the case: the TC is an elected
representative body of the so-called active technical contributors
to OpenStack. So while the TC is not responsible for creating the
mission from whole cloth, they are responsible for representing the
goals of the people who elected them and thus for refining,
documenting and caring for the mission and scope while working with
all the other people invested in the community.

Does anyone disagree? If so, who is responsible if not the TC?

Chris Dent                       ٩◔̯◔۶ 
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