On 8/20/2018 3:18 PM, Sean Mooney wrote:
in both the ovs-dpdk tests, when the migration failed and the vm
contiuned to run on the source node however
it had no network connectivity. on hard reboot of the vm, it went to
error state because the vif binding
was set to none as the vif:bidning-details:host_id  was set to none so
the vif_type was also set to none.
i have opened a nova bug to track the fact that the vm is left in an
invalid state even though the status is active.
see bug 1788014

I've got a nova patch for this here:


However, I'd like Miguel to look at that bug because I assumed that when nova deletes the dest host port binding, the only remaining port binding is the inactive one for the source host, and neutron would automatically activate it, similar to how neutron will automatically deactivate all other bindings for a port when one of the other bindings is activated (like when nova activates the dest host port binding during live migration, the source host port binding is automatically deactivated because only one port binding can be active at any time). If there is a good reason why neutron doesn't do this on port binding delete, then I guess we go with fixing this in nova.




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