On Tue, 21 Aug 2018 06:50:56 -0500, Matt Riedemann wrote:
At this point, I think we're at:

1. Should placement be extracted into it's own git repo in Stein while
nova still has known major issues which will have dependencies on
placement changes, mainly modeling affinity?

2. If we extract, does it go under compute governance or a new project
with a new PTL.

As I've said, I personally believe that unless we have concrete plans
for the big items in #1, we shouldn't hold up the extraction. We said in
Dublin we wouldn't extract to a new git repo in Rocky but we'd work up
to that point so we could do it in Stein, so this shouldn't surprise
anyone. The actual code extraction and re-packaging and all that is
going to be the biggest technical issue with all of this, and will
likely take all of stein to complete it after all the bugs are shaken out.

For #2, I think for now, in the interim, while we deal with the
technical headache of the code extraction itself, it's best to leave the
new repo under compute governance so the existing team is intact and we
don't conflate the people issue with the technical issue at the same
time. Get the hard technical part done first, and then we can move it
out of compute governance. Once it's in its own git repo, we can change
the core team as needed but I think it should be initialized with
existing nova-core.

I'm in support of extracting placement into its own git repo because Chris has done a lot of work to reduce dependencies in placement and moving it into its own repo would help in not having to keep chasing that. As has been said before, I think all of us agree that placement should be separate as an end goal. The question is when to fully separate it from governance.

It's true that we don't have concrete plans for affinity modeling and shared storage modeling. But I think we do have concrete plans for vGPU enhancements (being able to have different vGPU types on one compute host and adding support for traits). vGPU support is an important and highly sought after feature for operators and users, as we witnessed at the last Summit in Vancouver. vGPU support is currently using a flat resource provider structure that needs to be migrated to nested in order to do the enhancement work, and that's how the reshaper work came about. (Reshaper work will migrate a flat resource provider structure to a nested one.)

We have the nested resource provider support in placement but we need to integrate the Nova side, leveraging the reshaper code. The reshaper code is still going through code review, then next we have the integration to do. I think things are bound to break when we integrate it, just because nothing is ever perfect, as much as we scrutinize it and the real test is when we start using it for real. I think going through this integration would be best done *before* extraction to a new repo. But given that there is never a "good" time to extract something to a new repo, I am OK with the idea of doing the extraction first, if that is what most people want to do.

What I'm concerned about on the governance piece is how things look as far as project priorities between the two projects if they are split. Affinity modeling and shared storage support are compute features OpenStack operators and users need. Operators need affinity modeling in the placement is needed to achieve parity for affinity scheduling with multiple cells. That means, affinity scheduling in Nova with multiple cells is susceptible to races and does *not* work as well as the previous single cell support. Shared storage support is something operators have badly needed for years now and was envisioned to be solved with placement.

Given all of that, I'm not seeing how *now* is a good time to separate the placement project under separate governance with separate goals and priorities. If operators need things for compute, that are well-known and that placement was created to solve, how will placement have a shared interest in solving compute problems, if it is not part of the compute project?

I understand that placement wants to appeal to more consumers (by way of splitting governance) but at present, Nova is the only consumer. And by consumer, I mean Nova is the only one consuming data *from* placement and relying on it to do something. I don't understand why it's really important *right now* to separate priorities before there are other viable consumers. I would like to share priorities and goals, for now, under the compute program to best serve operators and users in solving the specific problems I've mentioned in my replies to this thread.


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